Wilde Pedique

Nails become thick and discoloured for a number of reasons. Our podiatrists can look at a damaged nail, identify and diagnose the issue and offer a range of treatments and medicaments to help.

If you want to produce a better cosmetic appearance, we can reconstruct your nail using expert Wilde-Pedique resins.

If you have discoloured nails due to fungal infection or damage we can bring them back to a totally natural look.

The treatment will last 6-10 weeks depending on activity level and nail growth rate.

Wilde Pedique can be applied to anyone with any nail condition; in fact the nail doesn’t even need to be traumatised or diseased; as it will enhance “normal” nails.

Fungal Infected Toenails: Wilde Pedique will instantaneously improve the look of the nail, and will keep the infection at bay. We also apply the special LCN antifungal liquid onto the nail, to treat the underlying infection.

Traumatised Toenails: Wilde Pedique will instantaneously improve the look of nails that have been damaged by being stubbed/bruised while playing a sport, wearing tight shoes or just simply being trodden on.

Just for a New Fresh Look: Even if you got nothing wrong with your toenails, Wilde Pedique can be applied for a permanent healthy cosmetic look. Why not try the permanent French Look.