Nail Surgery

Nail surgery is the removal of all or part of the toe nail. A local anaesthetic is used so that you will feel no pain during the procedure. After the removal of the nail, a chemical may be applied to the exposed nail bed to prevent regrowth by destroying the nail cells. (However, it is possible that some nail regrowth may occur). Healing takes between four to eight weeks.

On the day of the surgery :

Please take a bath or shower

Please remove all traces of nail varnish

Do not drink any alcohol

Eat a normal light meal before the surgery

Take any medication as normal unless advised otherwise

Bring suitable footwear that will fit over a bulky dressing

You must not drive straight after you have had the surgery so bring a chaperone.

The procedure will be performed in a podiatry clinic by a podiatrist and normally takes less than 1 hour.

A local anaesthetic will be injected into both sides of the base of the toe. The sensation of both touch and pressure are not affected, this is normal. The local anaesthetic may cause some discomfort when being injected into the toe.

Once the toe has been fully anaesthetised, a tourniquet (tight band) will be applied to the toe to prevent bleeding during the procedure. After the surgery, the tourniquet will be removed, the toe will be checked for return of your blood supply to the toe and a sterile dressing will be applied.

You will then remain for a short period of time in the clinic with your foot up and the dressing will be checked to make sure there is not too much bleeding before you leave the clinic.