Biomechanics is concerned with preservation, restoration and development of the function of the foot and its associated structure. Biomechanics refers to an understanding of the mechanics in the body and Podiatrists use this to diagnose and treat the lower limb

Our Biomechanical Assessment will involve an examination of the lower limb to evaluate muscle stiffness, joint alignment and range of motion. The assessment takes around 50 minutes. It is best to wear a tracksuit  / shorts to allow us to see the movements of your hip, knee and foot.

Our assessment will conclude by discussing your treatment plan. This may comprise of a series of stretching or strengthening exercises and possibly a period of rest and rehabilitation in the case of acute injuries.

You may also benefit from some Foot Orthoses the cost of which is separate to the assessment fee.

We do stock a range of insoles for quick turnaround or as Phits experts we can produce bespoke 3D printed orthotics.



Orthotics are devices that support, realign or assist in the function of the musculo-skeletal system.

In podiatry we use foot orthoses designed to support, align or improve the function of the feet and lower limbs during gait.

Functional orthoses apply forces to the feet enabling the podiatrist to alter certain movements or off-load stress within tissues. Their prescription is based on sound biomechanical and anatomical science but may also involve a degree of lateral thinking by the podiatrist if you have complex problems.

Non-functional orthoses may be designed to improve skin and tissue viability or off-load painful pressure areas.