Initial Consultation

Our Phits expert clinician will take a detailed medical

and injury history, followed by a clinical examination

to determine your strength and joint flexibility.

Footscan Analysis

You will then complete a footscan® assessment

to analyse your standing posture, balance and gait

to identify any asymmetries or abnormalities.

Phits Insole Design

The clinician will talk through your footscan® analysis

and suggest the most suitable treatment pathway.

This might include the design of Phits insoles.

3D Print Manufacture

If prescribed, your Phits insoles will be 3D printed

to meet your exact specifications by using the

dynamic information from your footscan® assessment.

Enjoy your next steps

After a quality check, you will return to the clinic in a

couple of weeks to fit your new insoles, providing

your body with the perfect balance with every step.

Phits Users

Why Phits?


The award winning Phits insoles are the worlds first 3D printed orthotics which are specifically designed based on your dynamic gait analysis using footscan®.


Phits are accurate to the nearest 0.1mm with no room for error in the manufacturing process, providing tailored support and cushioning where you need it most.


Phits are less than half the weight of traditional orthotics whilst offering extreme durability and comfort, whether you are walking, running or playing sport.


Regardless of your age or activity level, we have specific designs to cater for your footwear; such as walking, running, football, golf, cycling, skiing and workwear.


Want to be treated like a Champion? Phits are trusted by many British and World Champion athletes to keep them moving pain free and to reduce their injury risk.